Studio rental for photography, video and production in historic centre of Prague - Czech Republic - Europe. Photostudio is designed for professional and amateur photographers with full equipment, digital and analogue cameras flash lights, effective equipment. Apartment for photographers or photomodels directly in photostudio, the centre Prague. Photolocations and photostudio for fine art, advertising, fashion and glamour photography.

Services and price

The price list of photostudio:

Prices are valid for the basic equipment (Prague Main studio room : high 3,85 m, 3 different walls with backgrounds. Distance from backgrounds is 6 to 8,.5 m. Two paper background systems 2,70 m and 3,5 m width. Black o structured textile up to 6 m wide. Basic studio flash lights /3 x Elinchrom 400 W, softboxes, reflectors, large octagon, umbrelas and two visatec 800 W. One apartment photo room: for locations glamour - fine art style...)

minimum - 4 hour 150 EURO
full day - 8 hours 250 EURO
more days 200 EURO per day
next hour after full day 20 EURO per hour

Plus the price of used paper background (textile background is free of charge)

Price list for extra equipment:

Broncolor system lights : two generator for max 5- 6 lights 1600 W each Price without Para 1,7 m with ring flash focus is 450 / 380 EURO per day includes elinchrom lights
Separate Para if is basic rental with Elinchrom first hour 80 EURO, every next hour 30 EURO
Full day with all Broncolor and Elinchrom lights, Para, Satelite staro reflector, more equipment 500/450URO

The prices for models are not included.

Booked photostudio, which is not being used for various reasons / for example if the model, booked by the photographer, does not come, or for the photographer's personal reasons, 70% of the photostudio price have to be paid. Model's expences, booked by the photographer, also have to be paid.

We recommend you to hire models from, please visit the website to see your options and the service we offer. We always take care of up to date informations and actual photos of models presented on the website, so to secure you from time waist and to ensure high-quality service during your work in Prague
and in the Czech republic.

The price list of accommodation:

Accommodation ( room + bathroom ) including breakfast for one person: 50 EURO per night
Accommodation ( room + bathroom ) including breakfast for two people: 70 EURO per night

We are able to arrange all photographic services in case you would like if you wish to shoot outdoor and also other services you would need ( travels to other cities, shopping, guide, etc.).
In the case you would need some transport we have the car to rent:

in Prague 0.40 EURO per km
outside Prague 0.30 EURO per km


WiFi Internet connection

High speed Wifi cost free

Casting prices:

up to 5 models 100 EURO
up to 10 models 120 EURO
up to 15 models 150 EURO
up to 20 models 200 EURO
for glamour and nude models + 30 %

Model price n/a after select concrete models : please visit

Make-up prices:

4 hours (max two models) 120 - 140 EURO
8 hours (max two models) 150 - 200 EURO
For next models in the same day + 20 EURO / model

Photo / film / assistant prices:

for 4 hours 120 EURO
for 8 hours 200 EURO

Production / language / assistant price:

1 day 200 EURO

Travel costs for artists - outside from Prague in CZ ( photomodels, visagist, photographer assistant )

up to 120 km 15 EURO
up to 250 km 25 EURO
up to 400 km 30 EURO
to Slovak Republic 45 EURO

Info and booking e-mail:

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